What Is Powur? Game Changing Solar Power Technology Platform?

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Powur is a direct sales network marketing company founded by Jonathan Budd in 2014 and launched its beta version in mid-2015.

The company is registered in Del Mar, California and utilizes a referral-based direct marketing strategy to distribute solar energy products to consumers in America with an objective of spreading the fast growing demand for clean energy today and create a pool of business opportunities for light entrepreneurs.

The Powur Leadership Team

Powur is led by three people who are perceived to have a vast experience in business leadership in a span of over 20 years. This 3 core group includes; Jonathan Budd, the founder and CEO, Robert Styler, the co-founder and president of Powur and Andrea Budd who is the company CEO.

The three, led by Jonathan, have developed Powur, with a mission of ensuring a massive shift from what is commonly referred to as “dirty energy” to clean solar energy . Their mission is to to put solar panels on 2 million American homes by the year 2025.

The company is currently operational in 16 states in the United States, and it marks a very exciting shift, as it gives the power to entrepreneurs to unite and make a real difference in our society for years to come.

How Powur Company Operates?

The company uses direct marketing through peer- to- peer network marketing as a strategy to distribute solar systems to customers and generate income for its distributors. Solar panel distributors under the company are commonly referred to as Powur Solar Advocates.

Powur does not directly sell solar panels, however, it has partnered with a leading company in the Solar Panel Industry, that you may have heard of, SolarCity.

This partnership with SolarCity allows Powur to distribute solar systems and pay a commission to solar advocates for referring solar panels and helping the world’s transition to clean bio-available energy.

Getting Started As A Powur Solar Advocate

To become a Powur solar advocate, one signs up on their online portal through a referral system. To get started an already signed up advocate shares an invitation code with you.

If you would like to get an invitation Code and learn more about Powur –melissa

Fill this form out <=========== To get a free discovery call.

We will email you the code to make the starting process easy.
There is no direct registration.

A Massive Opportunity $$ – Decentralizing the Energy Industry

Through Powur,  SolarCity is offering the generous opportunity of installing solar panels for qualified customers for 0 down.

This means we now have access to solar power for free.

A qualified customer is someone in the 16 states where Powur operates  with a credit score of 600 or above (easy).

The huge monetary gains this opportunity presents, looks minute after the massive positive environmental impact created by solar energy sources, that will simultaneously take place.


The energy industry was named a top 10 billion dollar industry by Forbes.

This is precisely what they had to say :

“Solar energy is still more expensive than conventional energy sources. However, the cost of solar energy is rapidly falling. At this rate, solar energy might have parity with conventional energy in a decade. That will radically change the industry and a trillion dollar solar power energy will evolve” ~ Forbes Magazine.

After becoming a new POWUR Solar Advocate you can now share the business opportunity with other people, including friends and family, sharing with them, the benefits of using solar energy for the planet and our future societies.

According to Powur, the best way to share the huge shift and opportunity  solar energy represents, it’s simply giving out the staggering numbers and statistics associated with the industry.

For example, recent statistics show, traditional energy costs have increased by 500% since 1971, whereas the cost of solar energy has decreased by 250%.

Switching to solar energy will actually save households money from their existing electrical bill a month.

Earning Commissions

solar-commissionsIf a Powur solar advocate manages to prospect one or more people to install their solar systems, he/she earns an income based on commission.

This essentially means that the more people a Powur solar advocate convinces to sign the contract and have solar systems installed in their homes, the higher the amount of money earned.

It is therefore purely up to the efforts of the advocate to generate income based on how much time and effort he/she invests in the business.

As earlier mentioned, Powur does not ’t sell solar panels, so the Solar advocates are persiading prospects to be in a contract with the SolarCity Company which then installs the solar panels for free and the consumer pays only for the electricity they consume.

Costs involved in becoming a Powur Solar Advocate

Becoming a solar advocate with Powur is free of charge. However, for advocates who may require some extra support and training, the company offers training under the Solar Certification Program at cost of $199.

Upon payment of this amount, the advocate gets trained on how to build a successful solar energy business with powur and how to develop an inbuilt culture of self-drive in direct marketing, inclusive of leadership compensation.

Powur Company is able to pay its advocates conveniently from anywhere in the world through multiple payment options courtesy of a partnership with International payout system, a global company.

Powur Business Opportunity

powur-bannerPowur Company aims at exploiting the untapped business opportunities in the solar energy sector in America.

Some of the key opportunities upon which the company is basing it’s business strategies include;

i. With less than 1% of American homes having installed solar power systems, it is evident that over 48 million homes are prospective consumers of solar energy in the U.S.

ii. The increased demand for clean energy in America. Based on research and current trends in the U.S, it is believed that in every 3 minutes a new American homeowner installs solar panel on their home. This evidently shows how much demand for solar energy in the U.S has increased.

iii. Analysts say that in less than 20 months, Americans have installed more solar panels than it has ever happened in over the past 30 years, this is a clear prove of how much Americans are using solar power.

iv. Looking at the economic trends, the cost of electricity seems to be going up every year, surprisingly; the cost in solar power seems to be going down at the same rate. This translates to a high possibility that Americans will opt for solar energy in a bid to cut down utility costs in their homes.

v. The solar energy industry created over 20,000 new jobs in the U.S in 2013 alone, beating the national growth rate by over 10 times.


With the above identified facts, Powur Company believes the solar energy industry is a powerful pool of business opportunities in America. It is taking no chances to waste in ensuring every entrepreneur have a share of this market.

Overall, the company will make a great and positive contribution to the efforts of using clean energy.

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